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Toker Pokers are available in boxes of 25. Each box includes 5 different colors – Black, Lime Green, Lavender, Turquoise and Grey.

This product was brought to life as a matter of necessity and will soon be in the pocket or purse of every toker.   The Toker Poker is an excitable accessory item that carries an extremely catchy name.  The Toker Poker can easily become your staple point of purchase item. With the ability to upsell Bic lighters and hempwick, the Toker Poker bundle offers higher profit margins on items already in stock.

Toker Poker is proud to announce that we now have the ability to fully customize any Toker Poker.  Your shop logo can be pad printed directly onto the Toker Poker sleeve. This offers shop owners a unique opportunity to sell a branded product and actually maintain high profit margins.  Forget branding disposable lighters which eventually make their way into the trash.  A branded Toker Poker will be a conversation piece that will stay around forever!BrandedTP

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