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Our Story

Hi, I'm Matt B., the Founder and CEO of Toker Poker. Our story starts when my wife Leslie and I grew frustrated after years of searching for a solution to two very simple but also very annoying problems:

1) Our pipe was always getting clogged and Les was annoyed I kept stealing her bobby pins to clean it out.

2) We all know packing a bowl down properly is necessary for optimal consumption, but the corner of our lighter just wasn't getting the job done.

So, we decided if we couldn’t find a product like this, we would just have to make it.

The Beginning:

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that is exactly how the Toker Poker was born.  Then college sweethearts and now husband and wife entrepreneurs, we didn’t set out to create a business.  We were simply solving a problem we encountered daily.  We created the first “Toker Pokers” in small batches, crafted out of hot glue, bobby pins and acrylic paint, for personal use.  We eventually gave some as gifts to friends and then a funny thing happened.  They couldn’t smoke without it and everyone came back for more. 

Meet our family.  Literally. 

These fine humans are either blood relatives or have put in 2-3 decades of friendship.  Before they were official employees, they (plus many others!) put in countless volunteer hours.  Now, this lean team handles trade shows, operations, shipping, customer service, printing and social media.  They continue to be the world’s greatest brand ambassadors and we are so grateful for their many contributions!

The Process:

We take great pride in the design of our products and to be honest, we are a bit obsessive.  We continuously tinker and tweak our product line because when you hit the sweet spot of function, simplicity, and style, it’s always worth the extra effort.