Alice in Wonderland - CLIPPER

$12.99 $12.99


The Toker Poker, Alice in Wonderland Edition. Down the rabbit hole we go! Using the same mold of the Clipper Toker Poker  you know and love, This all-inclusive lighter tool is your Clipper's® best friend.

In collaboration with our good friend, Sean Dietrich, we are proud to offer 5 Alice & Wonderland prints. As stated on his website, “Sean Dietrich wakes up every morning and stares at a blank canvas, hoping to create something that inspires billions of people” and we are lucky enough to take Sean’s work from the canvas to the Toker Poker. These prints surely inspire us and we hope they inspire you! Get lost in the trippy nature of Honey Hatter, Cockpaw, Sugar Cube, Clockmaw & Red Queen.