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SmolkinJs Smokin J’s – Olympia, WA
You haven't seen this before! The Toker Poker is a brand new innovative pipe tool and lighter holder designed in Colorado.  It's a Smokin Js employee favorite and sure to be the best pipe tool you've ever had!

WikiPipes Wickie Pipes
Toker Poker brings the world’s first convenience tool that makes looking for pokers and tampers obsolete. No more using pens, pencils and paperclips to clean your bowels, or using your fingers for tampers!

Customer Reviews:

Hey guys just wanted to let you know how legit the toker poker is.  I bought my first and only one back in April in the Rally in Colorado. I love how it is so simple but put together perfectly. The plastic is sturdy, every lighter I use snaps in perfectly,has never fallen out. I've had mine for several months and it is used daily, just wanted to let you all know how great this is.

Great customer service, great idea! They even threw in an extra one for a friend with a hand written note thanking me for my business you don't see service like that very often nowadays.

This is my favorite smoking tool! Its super well made and its actually useful. I wrap some hemp wick around it and the poker works great to hold the hemp wick in place. I have tried all of the different items that go over a lighter and in my opinion this one is hands down the best addition to your smoking routine.

I ordered this on Sunday and was supposed to receive the following week, Instead I got it in 3 days and they where very kind enough to wrap my toker poker with a good amount of hemp wick! Never been more happy with an order before. Every smoker needs one of these they are absolutely great.

One of the best smoking products a person can have. It came early and a little note thanking me. Great product. Went and bought three of them.


I will be buying another Toker Poker for my dad. He is a pipe smoker and has been looking for a nice pipe tool that fits his needs. He tried to take mine so I told him I would buy him one. Very fast shipping. It came with a sticker and a hand written note thanking me. I am very happy with my new Toker Poker. Thank you Toker Poker. Have a happy new year.

So handy to have. This is super well made, the parts were well thought out and ergonomically correct. I will surely get years and years of use from this awesome accessory. These aren't going to chip or breakdown on you like some other products.
You'll find all kinds of uses for this product. If you're reading this, just click - one-touch - you won't be sorry! The Power of the right Poker is: Toker Poker

My friend Ryan visited from Colorado back in 2013. he brought one of these with him. He gave it to me, after I offered to buy it. Best thing I've ever received! I used this thing more than anything else I've ever owned. Unfortunately, I lost it due to a ski lift and a faulty zipper last Christmas. This time I'll be sure to buy more than one.

Just got mine in as a gift for a friend! Shipping was fast even though I ordered Xmas eve, the product looks, feels, and works great!!!! They even hand wrote me a note and put a gift in there for me since it didn't ship till after Xmas (which was totally understandable). Perfect Tool. 5Buy now!!!

This thing is the bomb! Works with full size bic for all you people that can't go without and the way the poker is bent for easy pullout you can wrap some hemp wick on it and still close the poker. Then you have a trifecta with poker, packing hammer, and hemp wick

This is an all-around amazing item! You can pack your product down, poke it, light it, and everyone will ask you where you got this awesome item!!! I have four that float around my house. I LOVE them :)

Bomb proof! This thing is seriously durable and the kind of simple item you wonder how you Ivied without it. Great gift idea

Great little smoking accessory. Arrived quickly and even came with a hand written thank you. Great company. Simply Awesome!

Extremely satisfied with the prodcut. Well manufactured, durable, and comfortable in the hand. Comes in handy for the girlfriend who has brittle fingers when pushing out an ember. The poker works well, not very flexible which is perfect. Only down fall, is there is not a great spot for the hemp whick, or I have yet to find a viable spot, nor does the lighter come with details on the matter. Otherwise extremely satisfied, recommended. Shipping was fabulous, was estimated for a month from now, arrived in 3 business days.

Very reliable and handy tool for the inventory. A must have for the collection – on the road or at home. Be a party saver for yourself n others.

This thing is awesome.. Everyone should have one of these. I use it every day... I have no complaints.. This thing is awesome. Greatest tool ever!

Awesome product - very functional multi-tool. They even sent me an extra one for free to give to a friend. Strongly recommended.

These are amazing. The poker is sturdy and you never misplace it, the case is just the right size for most lighters, and the tamper is just the right size. People try to steal these from me all the time. I might start carrying a few with me to sell at group functions given the attention and praise they get. Fantastic!

Awesome product! A must have for sure.

Absolutely hands down the best money I've spent all year. I wrapped some hemp wick around the manufactured indent ant it looks and performs amazingly. Surprisingly comfortable to hold, and the packing hammer is a life changer. I couldn't recommend this product more.

Bro. This thing is AMAZING. Perfect for any smoker. Literally, I love this thing! I use it everyday and the sellers even left me a little note! So very very pleased. This is one of the best products i've ever bought. Awesome! Thankyou!

Toker poker is the best lighter sleeve I've tried. Integrated temper and poker is very nice. Never have to look for a poker again. I have 3.

Great item I love it I use it for smoking and for craft making and tons of other things. Got to my house fast and had a nice note inside :)

Great to have around as an extra. Holds hemp wick, lighter and poker all in the same place so you don't have to carry each one separately.


High quality product that fits a lighter perfectly. A product that makes everything more convenient. Highly recommended.

Awesome tool. Can even be used for dabs! The wick is great for circles. 10/10 would buy again if it got pocketed.

Even came with a personalized note. If I could rate this product higher, I would. 5Five Stars

So good I bought several for close friends. Perfect smokers accessory.